about us was established in 1980. Since then, we have continually made our researches, analysis, and market measurement of our performance. We also believe that our database network is the best in the industry, and second to none. We have the capability to provide management matching, and auto emailing on new purchasers. As a result, sellers and buyers are gathered together.

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Janet Killyleagh
Janet was born and raised in Brisbane. This gave her the opportunity to witness the unfolding trends in terms of real estate and property development in her area. She has also lived in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, making her aware of the properties in her territory. 

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Finding the best realtor in your area may be quite challenging for you, especially if you are still new in the business. Yes, there is a need to be careful in this regard. After all, the skills of your realtor often determine the success of your endeavour to sell or purchase a property.
Selecting a good realtor is likewise painstaking. The real estate industry is a wide territory. 

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home is a real estate website in Australia. It is the country’s pioneering real estate agency with a very wide range of listings in the entire country. Our experienced and dynamic real estate agents are engaged in the commitment to connect you with the best property and office space anywhere in Australia. We make sure that your options will certainly match your unique needs.

Our company specialises in:
• Residential property for sale/lease
• Commercial offices for sale/lease
• Commercial property opportunities for investment
• Commercial property management

We are committed in assisting our clients with all their property needs, providing services in selling, buying, leasing different type of properties in Australia. Therefore, whether you are a individual, or you own a business, and you are looking into opportunities to purchase or lease a residential/commercial space, or perhaps you are an investor who is interested in maximising your potential returns in the property portfolio, is here to connect you to the property that will perfectly match all your needs. was initially established in 1980, and since then, we have established business alliances along the way. Therefore, we still keep in contact with the tradition of the industry, and at the same time rely in high technology.

How We Can Help You is here to assist in helping you buy and sell real estate properties in Australia. If you are looking into purchasing properties, we can provide several options for you in order for you to search all listings in the area. We keep up with the changes in the market, and can provide you with advice on foreclosures, short sales, and for sale properties.

It is our goal to assist you in finding the best property that will best answer your needs. All our agents perfectly understand that Australia is a wide territory. There are places which are good, and places which are not. Just inform us the territory that you are looking into investing in real estate, and we will gladly provide sound recommendations.

Our company offers a comparative market analysis to help you in deciding where you may be able to price on your property. To make your home and your commercial space outstanding above the others, we can provide you with the right marketing tools which are of high quality standards.

Our Background and Skills is composed of a team of real estate agents who have the necessary experience to provide assistance regarding your real estate needs. We are professionals who take pride in accountability. Our team of real estate agents will offer you with reports, feedback, as well as solutions in order to enhance perceptions of your property.

It is our passion to be committed in selling your property fast, and with the best price and terms. Whether you are selling a property for residential or commercial purposes, we are the answer to your needs.

We Repay Your Trust

You are assured that once your property is listed in, it will be featured among the top ranking searches. Our marketing strategy also includes advertisements and educational training programs that provide additional internet marketing strategy, plus a whole lot more. Keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to have your property sold.

On the other hand, if you are looking into searching a real estate property for renting, buying or leasing, our website provides a wide listing of sources surveyed by our real estate agents. The good thing about our website is that it is always updated. Thus, you will be relieved from worrying whether updates have made it possible for the property to be declared unavailable.

Our Presence in the Industry

We perfectly understand that since we are existing in a highly competitive marketplace, we need to be outstanding in all aspects of our services. Therefore, we make sure that our presence in the market is well anticipated. Thus, we continue to expand our market listings, so that when you need to find a real estate property for selling or purchasing, you do not have to go anywhere else since we already provide you with all the options. is an established name in the field. Some of our clients found us through Which Real Estate Agent, a licensed real estate agency. The fact that you have reached our website simply means that you are interested in our service. Allow us to repay that trust by making sure that we provide the services that you need, and provide a fast turnaround for every transaction.